We make the world your market.

We make the world your market.



Shea Butter Bath Bombs -BB- Black Raspberry & Vanilla



We aren't just fizz and fragrance like the rest of the fizzies that you'll find out there. Our bath bombs turn your bath into a fizzy moisturizing treat. Releasing shea butter and essential oils in a riot of fizzy bubbles into your bath to help you ease tension, de-stress, or simply enjoy a luxurious bath. These our bathrocks are about the size of a baseball, and big enough for two baths if you crumble them in half. Try one! I promise you'll be back for more!

Juicy Black Raspberry and rich Vanilla make this bomb a girls best friend! (And your boyfriend's too!)

(Note - due to their handmade nature, no two bombs are alike! They will vary in shape and color with every batch. With the amount of vanilla in this fragrance, this bomb is naturally brown in color.)


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