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I Am Grateful - Silver

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I am grateful for the moments that have brought me to the present day, through both joyful and challenging times. Life is a gift, and it's our job to step away from what is holding us back and create anew. Gratitude is like a muscle, the more we use her, the stronger she becomes. Gratitude is powerful. I am grateful.

Moonstone is the ultimate stone for a woman. It encourages self-discovery, vitality, optimism, and inner peace. A stone of light, it enhances joy and appreciation for all things, including gratefulness. Allow your inner light to shine a little brighter as you take stock of your life. Feel glory and gratitude for the beauty that exists, and the beauty yet to come.

This handcrafted necklace features a faceted moonstone bar pendant hung from a sterling silver chain. The stone is wrapped, or bezeled, in silver.

  • Stone: moonstone (30 mm wide by 10 mm tall)
  • Metal: sterling silver chain and clasp
  • Length: 17"


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