We make the world your market.

We make the world your market.

Kitchen products:

Floral Cuff


It might not always be summer, but this cuff will help you reminisce the summer wildflower walks .. Heavy gauge wild flower patterned cuff

Extra skinny: .25" wide and 6" long Skinny: .5" wide and 6" long Narrow: 1" wide and 6" long Wide: 1.5" wide by 6"long Anti-clastic (concave) formed wide cuff 1.5" wide and 6" long

Cuffs to help you find your wonder woman...

High quality laquer on inside to help prevent discoloration on skin. Outside left natural so you can left patina or you can shine it up bright with enclosed polishing pad.

Made to order

The photo is an example of what you will receive. All pieces are made by hand, not machine. There can be slight variations from the photo. I photograph all pieces with a macro lens which magnifies the details .

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